December 11, 2014

One Flash Wednesday

Too lazy to post shit lately, but we're still out there doing exactly what we do.
T-Rex about to grab tail on a very-well extended Texas plant.
Jose juicin' front Smith.
Ethan making quick work of a lengthy 5-er.
Senor Cuellar took this Front Slappy end to end.
Self explanatory.

November 9, 2014

One Five-O

What you see is what ya' get! We've been doing our best to stay busy and stay off the internet, and you should too! But since you're already here, might as well scroll a little bit...
T-Rex/ FSA
Boggs/ BS Flip
Jose/ Roll-in
Shaun Ross/ Boneless One
Unknown/ BS Noseblunt
Liam/ Sweeper
Adam/ FS Noseblunt
Liam/ Truck Bash
Adam/ Sal Flip Disaster
Ty/ Boneless
Jose/ Tailgrab
 Jose/ Stalefish
Ty/ Smith Tailgrab over the box
Bart/ Gray Slide

Ty/ Roll-in Gray Slide

Adam/ FSR
Ty/ Sweeper
Jose/ RNR
Bart/ Carve Grind

October 2, 2014

Post 149

Four weeks ago we started the wall, we worked a 12 hour day on nothing but cinder blocks.
It took us a week and a day to make the first pour.
A few Days later...Jose Back Tailing between work sessions.
Tony came through strong on this pour, thank him the next time you see him.
T-Rex, opening session.
Jojo always on a rampage, Eggplants with ease.
Boneless from the deck, high to low.
Frank Shaw ain't sad.
Specially with Frontside Inverts like this.
Japan blasters all day, no problem.

July 15, 2014


Coincidentally ran into some valley homies in Cayucos the other weekend.
Jojo Heffington/  Wallride
Discovered the angle NOT to shoot a BSCS.
Casually killing it.
Andrecht all in the same line.
Smashing beers and taking block.
Adam Ottenburg corner to quarter 'Cane to Fakie.
Seth really knows how to tuck his knees.
Properly tucked Indy over the hip.
Christian Gonzalez/ FSA
The better angle.
Seth Sanders/ Back Crailslide
The rarely seen BS Heel Monster
Jojo Heffington/ Bastard to Fakie
Jojo has been TAKING lately.
First try Good Buddy.
The Fakie Thruster.
Slightly miss-timed, ever so lofty, Fakie Ollie Tailgrab
HUGE first try BSA.
Slob Plants on lock.
Over easy, Egg.