July 30, 2015


Chris just cruising around.
Jose taking this Lien to Disaster.
Safety check with Boggs.
Rail down, hand on, knee tucked. 
No pivot here, high speed grind to fakie.
Coping dance.
Impromtu doubles.
Totally spacing on this Seattle homies name, but he didn't space it on this Body Jar.
Lukas fucking shralping.
Max brought some heat from Seattle too, with this Sweeper Grind.
Hackett inspired slash over the light.
Max mandatory FSA in the Cloud.
Omar getting his nose blunted.
Nic back in the pit, Slob plant.
Corona and Chris aka 'Coping Violence'
Augie Johansen Nose Pick no p.
Don't let the front foot fool ya, this a make boi!
Primetime Tailblock spot
Note the properly tucked knee on this Slob.
Augie's underrated as fuck.
Nosepick out of the loveseat and back in.
Not only did he do it once for the fisheye, but
also landed it 5 times in a row for $15.

April 15, 2015

International Ties

Sanchez doing some 80's roll in recreations.
 Ethan has these Feebles over the box every try now, with style to boot.
 lol that one time we went to Fresno and I got burned for a camera.

 Boggs saw this on the way home, so we turned around and he wallied it close to 20 times just for shits and giggles.
Mike Vasquez maxing out the wallride.
Huuki and Janne came out here all the way from Helsinki, Finland. These dudes are here in California for three weeks this year for the sole purpose of skateboarding.

March 25, 2015

Recovered Items

The Crenshaw pool; apparently this thing has been on/off for the last 15 years, or something like that.
This was sometime during the summer of last year. I think it was something like 112 degrees that day.
 We had the hardest time bucketing this bad girl too. New gloss white coat gave us more than a couple trips down the waterfall. At one point T-Rex was practically swimming. We had to use the diving board to walk on, just to pull buckets up the waterfall.
T-Rex discovered how slippery the slopes are..

Luc Dog lien tails the sidewall.

March 19, 2015

Lagging....... A Lot

Skate Chowder? What's that....?
Jojo demonstrates a proper Nolder tribute over the seat.
Ryan Johnson probably did about 10 of these BSTS's over the seat.
But number 11 wasn't so lucky..
The big wall is a murderer.
Lil Nicky cracking it off with a little loft.
Broon dog Joe Boggs takes off.
Terribly timed trigger, terrifically torqued techniques. 
A week later, Jojo paid his Monty tribute once again.
Deven took this mean Lein Bean to Smith.
Pivotal Experience.
Off the seat straight to a truck bash for the hemmies.
Harold the Heckler.
Blinded by the flash.
T-Rex performing a backwards facing foot jumper.
Look at that corner...... oh, yeah, and look at the Crailblock Slide too.