March 18, 2014

Bucket Brigade

We woke up one Saturday and just had the itch to pour more 'crete.
This was one hell of a fun build; orange shirts and vests were in full affect to disguise what was really happening. After some demo work to the preexisting "transition" we had poured years ago, we prepped it up. Notice the planter fencing in place of re-bar or chicken wire, it's DIY, it's all about making use of what you have!
Painted in the dead of night, and a second coat the next day. We discovered the cover of darkness is a necessity for spray painting a spot, painting during the day just looks so bad from anyone else' perspective.
T-Rex - 5-0's over the death-hole.
Jose puts his rail on the coping to Feeble across a good chunk.
T-Rex handles the camera for a second, while Lucas laps a Hurricane.
T-Rex got served a few good times, but still rode away from this F/S Feeble grind.
More and more of a common sight at the 'Dent.
Alien technologies are invading skate parks all over the US. Stop the violence, stop the Sandblasting. 
- A message brought to you by HQ.
T-Rex dangles a Rock n' Roll off a deadly rooftop embankment.
Times are tough, recycle your grip, and sacrifice your forks.
Why haven't I played with this lens more?
Harry Collins yanks a Crizzle-slizzle off the corner and up the escalator.
 Jose - Frontside Grinds over the light.
This is the side of the Double Shallow-End that doesn't get touched as frequently.
The Bucket Brigade.
The first Blue Haven we've ever found. 
Sanchez lurked this gem, and happily claimed his trophy.
First grinds by one of the heshest mother fuckers around - Ricky "Heshlaw" Renteria.

Fuck that coping.

March 3, 2014

Tulare Jam Session

The homies from Hanford are getting together this upcoming Saturday at the Tulare Skatepark. It'll be a rad day to get together and shred this pristine park. See you there!

February 28, 2014

Post 139

Dale working against physics to make it around the hip.
Dan the Layback master.
Texas-Rex Plant.
 Sanchez bringing the jellyfish armpit flare.
Miller Flipping into your soul.

February 22, 2014

In The Details

One of the best video's we've seen in a while, and it even has a few of the homies from skate camp in there. Always been a fan of Mcnamara's cinematography style, and this one definitely didn't disappoint.

February 17, 2014

Chowder Bowl

This corner's no gimmick.
Bogg's - Five O's his farmers tan away.
Fakes to fakes, Pivot.
Jose displaying his knowledge of precise Tailblocks.
Doubles? No problem.
Jose Hurricizzlin'.
 Blythe gambling on a b/s grind in the dead of night.
The trick, and the roll away; single exposure.
Up close and personal.
Lay into the coping and forget the rest.

The Building Process

 We've learned a lot about building over the past year.
 A million new idea and methods have come about while building this magnificent place.
 DLE making sure the walls are being properly installed.
 A big part of the building process.
 Dwelle making sure the the geometry comes out fittingly. 
 Visalia OG's checking the tranny's.
 That moment a light-bulb appears.
 Convex to concave hip.
By far the most intricate design we've yet to build.
 The almighty concrete saw.
Moments before near disaster.
The storm blew over, we re-barred/ chicken wired it up, and poured the next day.