June 25, 2012

The Hell Ramp

Welcome to the Hell Ramp.
Jaron lofts a frontside air.
Straight into this switch f/s 50-50, the dudes nuts.
Steven Easley, the ramp owner.
Mossy's kickflip fakie.
Ricky being a stud.
Pushing this edger as far as it'll go.
This lil' homie rips. No clue what to call this trick though.
Kickflip fakie - Next generation's coming up.
Helping out on this guys first-ever drop in.
Despite what this looks like, it's actually a roll in. Early-grab roll in.
Rusty pops in on a switch blunt.
Delbert ollies off and into with the ramp with style.
No pictures from the skilled division, as I competed in it. It came down to Jaron and I, with Jaron taking the title. This time..

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